i love Nuffnang :

i love Nuffnang :

Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

n3 khas MBG : More Than Forever

If I had a
 Thousand years to love you
I would need 
At least a thousand more
So much love
Inside I wanna give you
You're all I'm living for

Darling You
A lifetime ain't enough to lve you
There's not enough time
To have you here beside me
If I could

I would give you
More than forever
I would you
Long after the end of time
I would give you
More than forever
More than the rst of my life
If that's what i could do
I'd be loving you
More than forever

And if I had
A million of your kisses
I wouldn't be enough to get me by
It's gonna take more than a lifetime of your kisses
To keep me satisfied

Hey Baby
You mean so much to me
There's not enoughways to show you
The way I feel inside

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